Planejamento e Controle da Produção (PCP) é um processo utilizado para auxiliar a empresa a realizar o gerenciamento de produção. Com ele, é possível planejar o quanto será produzido e com quais recursos, além de acompanhar o andamento das atividades.


Workmanship Balancing of a Production Line in Personal Care Industry

Autores: Jackson Generoso, Milton Alexandre Ziehlsdorff and Paulo Henrique Gamba

Always changing world scenarios require industries to constantly optimize their processes and resources to remain competitive. In this aspect, one has the importance of the production engineering to act in front of the decision making. The present work was carried out in practice in a hygiene products industry in the south of Brazil, in the company's manufacturing sector. As a case study, and using statistical and mathematical tools linked to production planning and control, it can be concluded that activities can become more balanced among employees with the withdrawal of an employee of the sector, making the efficient production, making it possible to
reduce costs and reduce time wasted.